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Her har vi samlet kommentarer og artikler fra forskere og aktivister i Sør om sivilsamfunnnets og de frivillige organisasjonenes roller i det internasjonale utviklingssamarbeidet.
Torsdag 06. juli 2006
  • NGOs and Social Movements. A North/South Divide? a Program Paper for UNRISD by Alejandro Bendaña, June 2006
    This paper examines those contemporary agencies broadly termed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social movements. Emphasis is placed on political differences in approach, and the paper poses the question of how such differences coincide with geographical distinctions between the North and South.
  • The New Democratic Diplomacy: Civil Society as Partner with the United Nations and Governments, Presentation by Alejandro Bendaña (CEI-Nicaragua) at the DPI-NGO Conference "Global Solidarity: The Way to Peace and International Cooperation", United Nations, New York, August 28-30, 2000
    Gandhi once remarked upon being asked about Western Civilization, "what a wonderful idea". So too with the New Partnership? Maybe before answering we should recall the basics: people are not the partners of government, they are the masters of governments, and if governments run the United Nations then people--people's interests-- would also be the determining force in the United Nations.
  • It's time for 'uncivil' society to act, by Nicola Bullard, Focus on the Global South, 20.04.00
    All over the world, there are peoples' organisations grounded in their daily struggles and experiences, but sharing a common analysis of the destructive anti-people and anti-nature forces of global capitalism. These experiences are not confined to the South. Many in the rich North, in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, know how it is to be without a job, without a home, without power, and to have culture and community replaced with consumerism and competition - these are the common experiences of people everywhere.
  • Which Way for NGOs?, by Alejandro Bendaña, Centro de Estudios Internacionales, Managua, Nicaragua, October 1998
    The increasing prominence of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) is, on balance, one of the few welcome developments in contemporary post-cold war politics. However, from the standpoint of someone who has worked with both governments and nongovernmental organizations in the South, the increasing influence of NGOs raises some concerns and merits more discussion among analysts and activists.

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