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Medieklipp og debatt internasjonalt

  • The Prerequisite to UN Leadership in Development: System-wide coherence, World Development and Economy in Brief 08.05.06
    Kofi Annan has appointed a high-level panel which is to report back to him by this summer. Almost immediately, the effort has come in for considerable criticism. While sceptical voices see this as yet another ploy to bolster western dominance, sympathetic observers consider it as the final opportunity for a meaningful role of the UN in the international development architecture. Thomas Fues asks the G77 to reconsider their opposition.
  • Prime Minister Announces UN Consultation in Maputo, Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique (Maputo), allAfrica 28.04.06
    The high-level panel on coherence in the United Nations system in the areas of humanitarian assistance, the environment and development, will hold consultative meetings in Maputo in early May, Mozambican Prime Minister Luisa Diogo announced on Friday.

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